Surfer wipe-outs can be hilarious, painful, amusing, comical, drastic, nasty, crazy, incredible, absurd, hysterical, but most of all very funny. It’s something all surfers experience, no matter what level you are or where in the world you’re surfing.

Mono Loco Surf School in collaboration with Xookazine started to keep track of the funniest, craziest and most famous wipe-outs. Sometimes it’s one of our students, teachers or friends and other times it’s your favorite pro surfer or a complete stranger.

Every wipe-out brings you closer to perfection and makes you a better surfer. Remember…when you’re coming up to the surface, take a deep fresh breath and SMILE!

Wipe-Out of the week
Surfer: surf girl from Holland
Surf Spot: CamperduinPhotographer: Jan Willem

How to prevent this style of wipe-out? Practice your balance!
You can do this at home. For this exercise, you stand on the balls of your feet (the front of your feet, by your toes). Your heels hang off the edge of whatever you stand on. For example, you could stand on a step on a staircase, or on the edge of a sturdy box, with your heels hanging in the air. Close your eyes, and let the fun begin.

Hold your hands in the air in front of your chest. Keep your ankles relaxed and be ready to make quick and small adjustments. With your eyes closed, your body will want to lean forward, and if you over-correct, you may find yourself falling backward. Make small adjustments to your stance to continue standing in the initial position.

This exercise is fun and will improve your balance dramatically. If you’ve been finding yourself staring down at your surfboard and feet while surfing, this exercise will help you learn to balance while looking ahead at the water.

Feel free to send us your favorite wipe-out to monolocosurfschool@gmail.com or  press@xookazine.nl (for dutch wipeouts :))

By Joan Bergmans (Mono Loco Surf School, Panama)