WipeOut Wednesday: Slipping of your board

Mono Loco Surf School in collaboration withXookazine started to keep track of the funniest, craziest and most famous wipe-outs. Sometimes it’s one of our students, teachers or friends and other times it’s your favorite pro surfer or a complete stranger.Every wipe-out brings you closer to perfection and makes you a better surfer. Remember…when you’re coming up to the surface, take a deep fresh breath and SMILE!

WipeOut of the week
Surfer: unknown
Surf Spot: Lake Stuart Beach, Florida
Photographer: breezy Bagwell Photography

All boards have 1 thing in common; they need a layer of surf wax to prevent you from slipping away. Make sure you apply enought before paddling out. Choose the right wax according to the waters you’re surfing (tropical/warm/cold). Please buy ecological wax if possible. This will keep our oceans clean and all fish happy.

Feel free to send us your favorite wipe-out to monolocosurfschool@gmail.com or  press@xookazine.nl (for dutch wipeouts :) )