WipeOut Wednesday: The Nosedive

Mono Loco Surf School in collaboration withXookazine started to keep track of the funniest, craziest and most famous wipe-outs. Sometimes it’s one of our students, teachers or friends and other times it’s your favorite pro surfer or a complete stranger.Every wipe-out brings you closer to perfection and makes you a better surfer. Remember…when you’re coming up to the surface, take a deep fresh breath and SMILE!

WipeOut of the week: The Nosedive
Surfer: surfgirl
Surf Spot: Puerto Escondido
Photographer: unknown

A true surf classic, the nosedive. Water travels up your nose and your board shoots from under your body to the back. To prevent this from happening please practice the following according to your level.

 Shift your body to the back of the board (beginner) When you are already paddling for the wave and feel that you might go nose first… shift all of your weight to the back of the board. Push the board out in front of you with the majority of your body on the back of the board. This will prevent the board from aiming straight down into the water. If you’ve managed to still get the wave, pull yourself back to the front and pop-up.

Stand up quickly (beginner/intermediate) If you catch a wave that breaks straight over you will need to stand up quickly or else you should expect a lot of salt water up your nose. Practice the quick pop-up on the sand and at home so it will come natural when you are out in the water. These few seconds will save you from going down 🙂

Turn your board (intermediate) If you would like to catch wave that has a peak, then start paddling for the wave with your board turned away from the peak at a 45 degree angle from the beach (instead of paddling straight forward). You will have to paddle stronger since you will have more friction from paddling at an angle.

When you catch the wave, pop up and enjoy a ride across the face of the wave.

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