WipeOut Wednesday: Getting Distracted

Mono Loco Surf School in collaboration withXookazine started to keep track of the funniest, craziest and most famous wipe-outs. Sometimes it’s one of our students, teachers or friends and other times it’s your favorite pro surfer or a complete stranger.Every wipe-out brings you closer to perfection and makes you a better surfer. Remember…when you’re coming up to the surface, take a deep fresh breath and SMILE!

WipeOut of the week
Surfer: unknown
Surf Spot: Lake Worth Pier, Florida
Photographer: moderndaypirate.com

Many different things cause getting distracted. It can be the surfers around you, a crazy current, an unsudden big set of waves or a hot surfer on the beach. The best advice is; keep your eyes on what’s happening around you and the waves. Position yourself in the right spot and stay focused.

Position yourself
Before you get wet, pay close attention to where your ideal waves are beginning to break in relation to the shore. It’s important to not only pick a spot on the beach to line up with, but also to have an idea of how far out you need to be from that point. Paddle out beyond the break and to one side and observe where more experienced surfers are lining up. Also pay attention to the waves they’re choosing. This will give you another perspective from what you saw while on the beach. Other surfers will give you a good reference point when determining where you need to be.

Focus on the aproching waves and the surfers around you. This way you’re prepared on what’s coming. Always apply international surfing rules and act acording to your level. Respect other surfers.

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