Mono Loco Surf School loves to combine yoga with surfing. These two disciplines compliment each other in both beauty and purpose. By combining these great sports you will find new energy within yourself, your surfing improves, your mind becomes clear and focused on what really matters in life. This comination brings body and spirit in perfect harmony. With this package you’ll start your day with yoga. With a relaxed body and mind you are ready to get into the water for a tropical afternoon full of surfing

Bocas del Toro Surf

MONO LOCO SURF SCHOOL is set up to share our love and passion for surfing with others.
We are proud to be the only certified surf team in Panama. Our International qualified surf teachers are ready to get you into the tropical waves and make you become a TRUE surfer. Our 5-day course is set up make you an international level I surfer.  We will teach you all basics and show you how to improve your style, body position and moves. Besides learning how to surf we will explain you everything about surfing rules, ocean awareness swells, breaks, surfboards (different types, fins, materials) and the surfing lifestyle (how to keep your body surf ready and fit). Have you surfed before or are you already at an intermediate level, no problem…Our coaches will train you to get better and better by working on your technique and flow.

Bocas Yoga

For years we’ve been taking yoga classes from Yoga teacher Laura Kay In the Bocas Yoga studio.  Laura Kay teaches Hatha Yoga, using universal principles of alignment to promote safety and empower students to achieve their full potential and realize their inner beauty.

Each class interweaves heart-oriented, life-affirming themes to connect students to the deeper purpose of yoga. Classes are designed to be challenging, yet creating a sense of ease at the same time, toning body and mind – incorporating the concepts of effort & surrender. Each class is an artistic, playful, celebratory, and empowering practice. Students of all levels are invited to join us in this outstanding, uplifting, and expansive experience at every level of being that you are then able to take out into the world. Feel free to check Laura Kay’s full biography, where she trained, and how she built her Bocas Yoga studio here

Price                 $275
Duration          1 week (5 days)

5-day Intensive Surf Course (for beginner or intermediate surfers)
– Extensive Surf theory class
– Mono Loco Surf Certificate if requested
Yoga Course 5 days 1.15 hour per day (mon-fri)
– Use of professional Yoga mat
– Mono Loco, Bocas del Toro trucker hat or shirt
10% discount at Surf Shop Super Deportes

–  According to your scedule we can also swop 1 or 2 morning yoga classes for evening classes.
–  Extra week surf course (5-days) $200

– Participants must be minimum 18 years old and able to swim!

Not Included
– Stay (we are happy to help you find the right accomodation)
– Travel Insurance
– Transport to and from Bocas del Toro, Panama

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